What to wear?

Closed toe tennis shoes

During our show you will move consistantly around the room. Make sure to wear comfortable, closed toe shoes to allow of easy mobility.

Comfortable Pants

Please make sure to wear pants that allow for mobility. Our show is not constant running around, but you will be active while searching for clues and escaping our zombie!

Heels and Flip Flops are not ideal

Please avoid any shoes that have a heel. Our floors are padded for the safety of our actors and guests. Heels will tear up our floor. Flip flops will also get stuff on pieces of the floor causing a possible trip hazard.

Keep yourself Safe

Always edge on the side of caution when chosing your outfit to face our zombie in. We want all of participants to remain safe and wardrobe choice is the key to staying safe!


We have street parking

There are 6 metered parking spots outside of our business

Small lot parking

We do have a small lot at the end of our building complex. This lot is available to Saturday and Sunday participants only