Our Escape Adventures

Trapped In a Room with a Zombie

There is 1 hungry zombie chained to the wall. Every 5 minutes a buzzer sounds and the chain grows a foot from the wall! Find the clues, solve the riddles, exit the escape room, or get eaten! Will you survive this hysterical, room escape?

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Trapped 2 Still Hungry

In this sequel of the most mind-blowing game of tag known to the living, a zombie will be chasing you around a room while you and your friends are singing show tunes and using your brains to find your way to freedom before you become the main course! Get out your thinking caps, comfortable shoes and team-building skills as you outwit a hungry zombie and the length of its chain in this comedic adventure

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New Rooms Coming Soon!

Check Back with us as we expand our adventures! We love to keep our guest up to date on our newest content!

Team Building

Every wonder if your office has what it takes to escape a zombie? Want to see your boss chased? Come build the perfect cohesive team!